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RADIO Started a long time ago in my mind. There were the epic beach fetes, crashing of house parties, the visits to local radio stations after school watching the dj’s on Air.  But COMING TO AMERICA; There was a huge element that was missing; that Void that thirst for Caribbean music needed to be filled.  “NO SOCA” “NO DANCEHALL”  (:0

Originating from the Caribbean there was always some sort of rhythmic occurrence going on whether it was steel pan; live stage shows or local dj’s spinning tunes or the radio jocks; music always kept us going/grooving,  No matter what hour of the day or night.

Radio played big roll in molding me;  the count down / the New releases ie: make it or break it / the Sound Clashes/ my thirst for Island life grew. After arriving in the good old USA. decades ago.  There was that shock of a lifetime!!  There were Not many Caribbean Stations only one. Worst part was that the big name established Stations played the same 10 songs all day long.  After a while being in the Bronx several “pirate” radio stations popped up few with Caribbean Music. Then the journey began…… Andy’s  Jeopardy  Mix 96.1FM…djAplus.

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